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We employ eight full-time highly-skilled craftsman with over 90 years of combined knowledge in granite fabrication and flooring installation. The success of Lee Tile and Stone starts and ends with our staff. We hire the best of the best when it comes to our team. Each member of the crew is outstanding. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including the massive SABER™ CNC stone-cutting saw system manufactured by technology leader, Park Industries. The Saber system permits the Lee Tile & Stone technicians to cut and prepare your stone job with absolute precision, from CAD measurements, design and through to exact output and installation.



Bob was born in the beautiful Berkshires, one of four children. His father was an independent drywall contractor for close to 40 years. Bob started to work with his father at the age of nine and learned the many skills that brought him to where he is today. By the age of 15, he could build just about anything he put his mind to. His determination and pride in his work as a youngster was apparent in everything he did, just as it continues to be today. 

Prior to opening Lee Tile and Stone, Bob started his stonework career more than 19 years ago training and working at Lenox Marble and Granite in Lenox, MA. After thirteen years of working at Lenox Marble, Bob decided it was time to go out on his own as an independent tile and stone contractor. After six years of working on his own, Bob moved on to open his own tile and stone shop offering full service for all types of stonework. 

Bob is chiefly responsible for all of the on-site management and overall coordination of Lee Tile & Stone's large-scale residential and commercial projects. He continues to work with his staff on the day-to-day projects, and he still enjoys having a hand in the creativity of the business. He takes great pride in his work and that of his crew. He works directly with varied clientele made up of many architects, builders, homeowners' manufacturers and vendors in order to achieve their individual stone and tile needs.


President Bob Arseneau


905 Pleasant Street, Lee Massachusetts

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