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Lee Tile & Stone is known throughout the northeast region as offering the most complete array of natural stone choices, including granite, soapstone, travertine, marble, and more. You can choose from a stable of approved distributors to find the perfect stone slab for your custom installation. We also have remnants available at our own stone shop in Lenoxdale. Feel free to stop by!



Because of its elegance, beauty, availability and durability, granite has quickly become the countertop of choice for many homeowners. A true product of mother nature, much like a snowflake, there are no two pieces of granite that are identical.

With so many unique choices available, you're sure to find the perfect granite for your decor here at Lee Tile & Stone. Natural granite is plentiful, easy to maintain and clean, scratch, heat and stain resistant and best of all it does not harbor bacteria.

If you're looking for a timeless countertop which will add to the value of your home, granite is the perfect choice. Stop in to the Lee Tile & Stone showroom to discuss all the beautiful possibilities and options.



Prized for its unparalleled aesthetic beauty—to the point that many overlook its ability to scratch, stain, and etch. However, by simply using cutting boards and proper sealant, scratching and staining issues can be prevented, and etching is more of a reality. 


Scientifically, marble was once limestone that achieved metamorphosis from intense pressures and high temperatures within the earth. This altered its crystalline structure and introduced other minerals that produced the valuable colors and veining. Marble is found in the mountainous regions of Canada, Italy, Germany, Spain, the U.S., Greece, and among some other countries worldwide.

Lee Tile & Stone has a huge variety of marble choices for you to consider.



This is a very traditional look, often seen in the northeast and New England. Soapstone contains a high amount of talc, and is therefore softer and can scratch more easily. The material is non-porous and etch-resistant, and can handle the highest amount of heat of all other natural stone.

Soapstone is a metamorphosed, easily worked, igneous stone characterized by a "soapy" feeling when touched. Colors range from dark gray to bluish or greenish gray.  Its heat retention qualities make it an ideal cladding for freestanding coal or wood-fired room heaters.   Soapstone is also chemical, stain, and weather-resistant, and is useful for sinks and laboratory tops

Lee Tile & Stone will assist you in finding the perfect soapstone for your installation.



Travertine is uniquely combined with cement before it is smoothed and polished to provide a more uniform surface much like its granite and marble counterparts. Its honed natural finish is ideal for both commercial and residential countertop use.


Travertine Countertops comes in both tile and slab forms to meet your preferences. With over 10 travertine colors to choose from, you are sure to find the right travertine color to match your home or commercial space. Its smooth and durable surface provides an optimal surface in combination with its natural visual appeal.


Travertine performs very much like a limestone, is slightly more absorbent, and may scratch or etch. Most come with an epoxy resin to fill the naturally-occurring holes created during its formation near hot and cold springs.

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